Sultanas & Raisins


Turkish Sultanas and Thompson Seedless Raisins are the primary commodities in the Oasis Trading portfolio.   We work with major Sultana factories in the Manisa region with an annual capacity of >20,000mt – All facilities are ISO, BRC and Kosher accredited as well as being individually approved by specific major UK, European and worldwide manufacturers.

These approvals are a result of stringent quality controls enhanced by the use of Laser Scanners, XRay technology and Metal Detectors which enable us to produce the highest quality Ready To Use Dried Fruit.

In order to fully control the quality of our finished product, we inspect and buy our raw material direct from local farmers with whom we have formed relationships over many years and generations.    This enables us to help and advise on the viniculture required to satisfy the major industrial buyers of the world.

All our raw material is washed, aspirated, destemmed, screened, sized and finally hand static picked in order to remove all foreign matter.

We can offer Sultanas and Raisins in all sizes imaginable from bulk 5kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg, 12.5Kg, 14Kg to retail packs from 25gm to 3Kg in Oasis or own label brands.   Feel free to test us as we think that we can cover any pack size that’s required.

We can also offer Ready to Use Vine Fruit from other Origins eg Iran and Afghanistan.   We have recently established strong trading relationships in both origins and export this fruit via Turkish ports where we conduct final quality checks before onward shipping.

Quality results thus far have been excellent.